Sony Finally Release Jean Michel Jarre Back Cat On Itunes


With his massive synth stacks, ridiculous overblown light shows, intricate production techniques, tendency towards the pompous, and Gallic flair for showmanship, Jean Michel Jarre is the one true Godfather of EDM. As hideous as that sounds, Jarre also released his fair share of great music, which, until now, has remained (legally at least) curiously absent from the digital realm. Sony, seeking to remedy that omission, have bought up JMJ's back catalogue, immedietly releasing 6 of his albums, remastered this year, via iTunes. Physical release follows on May 26th.

The news of the reissues has surfaced on industry bible Music Week, without details of which albums are to be made available. And whilst it seems pretty likely that Jarre's most famous work, Oxygene (listen in full below), will be among them, the rest currently remain a mystery. Jarre himself has been back in the studio, with a new album – his first in 8 years – destined to drop in 2015.