Sonic Boom: Ten Songs That Saved Your Life


The concept couldn't be simpler: think of your favourite artists, write to them asking for their ten favourite songs and then compile them into a list.

So that's what the guy's at The Beat did and got Spacemen 3 and Spectrum man Sonic Boom to provide a tracklist not a million miles away from his legendary 'Spacelines' compilation.


  1. Red Crayola – Former Reflections Enduring Doubt
  2. Joy Division – Shadowplay
  3. Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica
  4. Stereolab – Tomorrow Is Already Here
  5. 13th Floor Elevators – Reverberation
  6. Pere Ubu – Final Solution
  7. Laurie Anderson – The Big Top
  8. Missa Luba – Sanctus
  9. Bo Diddley – Great Grandfather
  10. The Tornados – Telstar
  11. Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End


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