Soela releases album on Dial Records


Follwing a string of well received EP's for the likes of Lost Palms, E-Beamz, Kompakt and Nerang Records amongst others Soela today releases her debut full length album via Dial Records. The German label, run by Lawrence and Carsten Jost, has become the home for her first LP which is a blissful assortment of deep, transient soundscapes and poignant house which is as beautiful in the headphones as it is on the speakers. 

Titled "Genuine Silk", the album spans eleven tracks and is an enchanting showcase of modern day electronic music at its very best. 

A tracklist can be found below:

1. "Prologue" (feat Module One)
2. "Shadows On The Wall"
3. "Inconsistency" (feat Christopher Ledger)
4. "Hold On"
5. "Lullaby"
6. "The Same Things, The Same Thoughts"
7. "Power Of Mind"
8. "Genuine Silk"
9. "It's Around Us, It's Everywhere"
10. "Where Did You Go?"