Chicago’s Smart Bar closed for Revamp


The legendary Smart Bar is THE cornerstone of Chicago's dance music scene. Opened in 1982 it's oficially the oldest independantly run nightclub in the states and they're just in the middle of a big refurb/reload/revamp/rebirth. From the 7th Jan they're closing their doors to give the place the once over. The lighting rig and soundsystem are already pretty impressive by all accounts but they're now everything's being retuned and the booth is being expanded/modernised. 

Everything kicks off again on the 15th Jan with a massive shin dig with none other than Chicago boss man Derrick Carter. If that wasn't enough, they've even offered to fly the whole Ransom Note team out to the windy city to grace the dancefloor and show them how it's done.

Well, maybe not but we can only dream. 


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