Smalltown Supersound Due To Release Biosphere’S New Lp


Gler Jenssen, the Norwegian electric producer behind Biosphere, new 17 track album ‘Deported Glories’, is due to be released on the 23rd September 2016. Jenssen’s 12th album, but first in five years marks a new deal with Oslo label, Smalltown Supersound. 

‘Deported Glories’, makes use of hundreds of snippets of Eastern European and Russian folk music, according to the label, which the Norwegian producer aims to create something reflecting physiological trauma. 

Drawing from inspiration of his time based in Krakow, Jenssen would regularly go for walks in the Wolski forest, where he heard the story of Bronislawa, a 13th century noblewoman, who had hidden among the trees with nuns, to escape the invading Tartar hordes. 

Jenssen asked himself, what music would someone like Bronislawa hear whilst trembling in the trees, leading him to produce the album ‘Deported Glories'. 

The album is available for pre-order HERE


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