Skream Hats Off


Euphoric pianos; diva vocal sample; mental old skool drums; random samples chucked in the mix— Skreams got it all going on in Hats Off. A return to the territory mined so effectively on his recent Cassius remix, this is a no messing piece of banging ardcore, straight outta 93 garmed in a Stussy T and a massive set of Dready jeans. The only sign that this corker was made any later than the mid 90s is the gleaming production filth digital tools can inject these days- the basses are deeper and the pianos sparkli-er than anything an Akai sampler could have grumbled through (–whether this is a good thing is up to the purists amongst you—). Theres also a Mike Skinner original pirate material sample, which rounds off the hardcore continumm vibe nicely. Skreams got such an evident love for the sound hes makingthe pianos are so ridiculously uplifting youd have to be the most curmudgeonly of Coldplay fans not to have a little grin- that you can forgive the derivative nature of the track and bask in its good times. Made for fields and festivals all through the summer.

(sorry about the woeful youtube image)

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