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It’s the beginning of a new series at R$N Towers (woo woo!). Joe Europe gets properly on board & rounds up soon come singles Visions 02, Sad City, Luke Solomon and the horror /genius of the Soca Verve sampling Sugar Daddy.

Visions 02 VA (City Fly)

City Fly is a  label out of Leicester that started off as a show on the local university radio and over the years theyve slowly but surely built themselves into a true east midlands deep house institution. Their 5th outing is a VA showcase of some of their upcoming talent and its solid deepness all the way.

A1 is by Pablo Valentino and its a laid back affair,  lovely funk bassline and a steady groove.  A2 is by Lay Far and is a bit of a more dreamy affair with a nice vocal. On the B side the Royal Oberheims offer up a raw cut and then finally Chocky (whos defo one to watch) brings it to a close with what for me is the stand out track of the release. Top quality.

Out on wax and digital in May.

Sad City You Will Soon Find that Life is Wonderful EP (Phonica Special Edition)

This is the first Ive heard of Sad City, hailing from Northern Ireland but now based in Glasgow, but so far Im impressed. This four track EP on Phonica Special Edition is a nice offering of spacious and blissed out electronica that has a warm feel to it. Each track takes its time and wont be rushed but evolve nicely creating lush, rhythmic soundscapes. The title track (the last on the EP) sounds a little like hes fallen asleep face down on his Hammond organ (in the nicest possible way).  Oh and the cover art is very nice too.

No embed here, click this link to listen to the beauty.

Out on wax and digital 21st May

Luke Solomon Beyond Therapy Vol.1 (Fullbarr)

The Classic Records boss returns for his second outing on the Leeds label Fullbarr with 4 tracks of squelchy, crash bang wallop acid house.  Not in the heard it all before revivalist vein, but straight up dancefloor goodness. Lots of bleeps and blops but all underpinned by a decent groove. The stand out track for me is Look Back which is the least acid of the lot. Not as dark as the others, it has nice organ stabs and drips quality house vibes.

Out very soon. Vinyl only.

Sugar Daddy – Sweet Soca Music

Is it the Verve? Is it a plane? No its an outrageously awful/amazing soca track by Sugar Daddy from back in 2003. I came across this on Tom Middletons The Trip mix compilation a few years back and its an absolute killer tune. Using the same overblown string sample as in the Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve this track absolutely nukes the 90s Britpop waste of time out of the water (sorry to all the fans out there). And they actually credited the original artists! In the words of Sugar Daddy himself Its all about the soca!

All from Joe Europe this week… but more soon come from other aural addicts.
You should listen to Europe’s music. It’s really rather good. 
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