singles club #6


The increasingly vital Joe Europe furnishes our ears with another batch of singles from Mike Huckaby, Mind Fair and Erdbeerschnitzel…

Mike Huckaby – Harmonie Park Classics Volume 1 (Deep Transportation) 
Come on yall

Lets go

Down to the DISCO!

Ok Mr Huckaby, lets go mate! A new (re) release from Mike Huckaby is all well and good but  lets not get dazzled by his cred and look at these tracks from an unbiased viewpoint. If this was the new release from Tiesto or some other chump then ‘Disco Time’ would still be just as funky, ‘Raindance’ would still be as deep and ‘Luv Time’ would still have an absolute killer groove showing where today’s badboys such as MCDE and the like get their inspiration.

Worth it. Out now on wax.

Mind Fair Downtown Nubian (Golf Channel)

Ive been writing a lot about Golf Channel of late and with very good reason. Next week sees the release of the Downtown Nubian EP from Ben Shenton and Dean Meredith as part of their Mind Fair collaboration.
The EP kicks off with ‘So Strong’; pensive Rhodes chords and pained vocals fading into a bass lick that sets things up proper. The track slips into a really nice laid back groove and gets on chugging away. The thing I like about this is that so many tracks at the moment try very hard to be weird and off kilter but Mind Fair achieve this in an understated way with the dissonant violins that come in towards the end just setting you off guard nicely and making things seem not quite right. Oh and theres a lesson in synth brass that many producers today need to take heed of (not enough synth brass going on at the mo look to it peeps!)
This EP isnt a one trick pony though. Blood Mary that follows on from this is an abstract psych workout, with lovely synth squelches and all the pomp and majesty of Pharaoh coming up hard on acid.  Brand Nubian is a low-key groover, bass guitar lick and sporadic percussion (possibly my favorite) and Wrong Wire is all about the chugging synth line. All absolute gems.
Out next week on wax.  

Erdbeerschnitzel – Cushion EP (Delsin Records)

Ok so this one’s been out a little while (since May to be precise) but it’s an absolute killer so worth a mention as it still seems to be available on wax and the shops haven’t run out of MP3s either. The mighty Delsin Records from Amsterdam gives us a 3 track EP from the very talented Erdbeerschnitzel. Strange name, (fried Strawberries or something? sounds like the kind of nonsense I’d come up with) and strange music – this is a weird but beautiful mish mash of sounds. Kind of abstract but warm and bright, and slightly P-Funk leaning (on the last track ‘Crossroads’).

Quality. Do it. The vinyl’s orange.

Out now on wax and digi.