Singles Club #2


For the second installment of Joe Europe's new series we get treated to the sounds of The Rhythm Odyssey, The Sonic Aesthetic and yet another showcase from Uncanny Valley.


The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks The Fox/The Fox (Version) (Golf Channel)


This is another outing of the collaboration between Dr Dunks from the big apple and Dean Meredith of Chicken Lips fame. From this release it promises to be a very fruitful project. With the original mix dancefloor disco is the order of the day. Chugging percussion and intermittent horn stabs and piano licks take us back to classic Chicago or NYC territory but this is no simple pastiche. After a nice percussive intro a lovely rounded analogue bassline slips into the mix. Lovely suff. 


The Version takes the track into more dubby territory, with analogue beat and some nice slippery tape echo splashes here and there. As the track builds it turns into more of a synth workout but nothing over the top. These guys have set the tone perfectly. 


Fantastic stuff from a fantastic label. Out now on wax.



Various Artists Uncanny Valley 15 (Uncanny Valley)


Dresdens Uncanny Valley drops its fifteenth release with a VA showcasing some of the talent theyve got on their roster.


The A side kicks off with Versovie (Eltron John Dub) by polish producer Brodka. This is a nice laidback groover which would warm up any dancefloor. Slightly let down (for me) by the vocal but some will love it. That said it builds very nicely. Following on from that is Falling Off (Sandrow M Remix) by Alex Ketzer who hails from Cologne. This is a nice, individual sounding outing with restrained but effective groove and a chopped up vocal. Again a nice builder (no builders bums or extended tea breaks here). 


The flipside is where the real action is. Splenda Daddy by Cuthead is a raw, acid fuelled number with the sporadic percussion and schizophrenic chords that this chap has made his own. I cant see any connection to the low calorie sugar supplement mind but maybe Im missing something. Finally Uncanny Valley regular Jacob Story returns with Inspektor which, with its plinky plonk bells and lowfi percussion puts me inside some demented C64 game.  


One of the best things about this release is that theyve returned to the weirdo computer game artwork of their first few releases. Big up! Out now on wax and digital .




The Sonic Aesthetic New Districts (The Sonic Aesthetic/International Feel)


Mark Bagott unveils a new sublabel for the renowned International Feel and also launches a new project for himself under a new moniker. New new new. Thats what we like. 


New Districts is a 3 track EP that meanders its way through slower acid and Balearic territory with largely pleasing results. Track 1, Dukes Cut, is a nice, slow house affair that has a laid back feel, meandering acid line and a lovely chord sequence that all fit together very agreeably. This is followed by Earthworms which follows pretty much the same vein as the first but this time with some strings building up towards the end. The release is brought to a close by the title track, which is an ambient number and the stand out track for me. This definitely has a bit more individuality than the other two and Bagott builds up a lovely atmosphere but then breaks it by throwing some slightly discordant elements I there too. 


A promising start for this new offshoot of International Feel. Out 3rd June on wax.



Joe Europe