Singles Club #19


Each week our very own Joe Europe  picks the tracks that have delighted his ear drums and are destined to go on to cause a stir. Joe (himself no slouch on a drum machine/turntable) puts to bed the notion that writing about music is akin to dancing about architecture – a wordsmith of great grace with a mighty fine ear to boot – we at R$N take note of his choices with quasi-religious fervor and we recommend wholeheartedly that you do too… This week Europe shares some delights from from Louis Gillaume, Oleg Poliakov and a long awaited EP from Mosca.

Louis Guillaume Sweet Dreams EP (Teng)

Teng have been doing a lot of things right of late. Here they do another thing right by hooking up with Dutch producer Louis Guillaume who has been cropping up on labels like Glasgow Underground and Home Taping is Killing Music.

The EP opens with a rawkus, harsh sounding acid track of the deceptively named Lullaby. While this is effective, its definitely not the strongest of the three. The real show starts when we move onto 652am. This is a driving, incessant builder. Its chugging bassline has an air of industrial without being too brick in a washing machine. The track has an overall trajectory and doesnt mess around with little builds and breaks. Just that bass and layer upon layer of droning synth and sporadic percussion.

The EP is rounded off by Bittersweet which blends broken percussion and airy Detroit strings. The track begins with melancholic strings and broken percussion swirling around a distant, barely heard sample of Japanese speech. The beat, when it finally kicks in, is a wonderfully disjointed affair.

Oleg Poliakov C.A.V.O.K. (Circus Company)

Circus Company have got a pretty impeccable track record of pushing quality underground house music and now theyre building up to release a brand new album from Oleg Poliakov a.k.a. Fred Aubourg. This two track single taken from the album is a breath of fresh air. Fast paced, driving house music, but with a spacious, almost laid back vibe to it this is a real treat. The title track wastes no time. It quickly builds a silky, warm groove that just keeps on going. Subterranean Rivers is a more wistful affair, still with all the pace of the previous track but this time with more lying on your back gazing at the marching line of fluffy white clouds kind of a vibe.

Out 21st October on digital and wax.

Mosca A Thousand Years Wait (Ann Aimee)

Not much info on this one Im afraid. Only 3 low res, unedited soundcloud clips of the British producers upcoming release on Delsin Offshoot Ann Aimee. That said, this release (whenever it happens to drop) is going to be well worth checking out. Its not What it Looks Like is a dense , repetitive techno monster in the vein that Delsin definitely do best. Kneecap is a bit more disjointed but still thick and heavily textured. Press Up takes things more sparse and broken. All in all this is looking like its going to be a pretty dope release. Watch this space.

Out in the coming weeks on wax (first 100 on clear vinyl) and digi.

Joe Europe