Singles Club #13


Gerstaffelen The Old Villagers (MOS DEEP)

Ok two MOS releases in two weeks. Sadly Im neither employed by them or being paid by them in any way, I just happen to like their music. This time around its a release from the mysterious Gerstaffelen, The whole anonymous producer trying to build up hype thing pisses me right off but in this case it happens to be someone whos been working away in the techno/house underground for years and has become tired of shouting about the whole me me me thing all the time. So, hes letting the music speak for itself. And it does just that.

This is a four track ep of rough edged, acidic house/techno music. Something about the aesthetic puts me in mind of the jerky, out of tune acid techno of the early Subvoice releases (remember them?) but slowed down and more mental. All of the tracks are quality but a stand out is When the Mind Stops with its demented-techno-organ-grinder vibe to it. Its all about the organ, a slow, chunky as fuck groove and some cut up vocals. The title track is also a belter, starting off with nice crunchy drums and incessant analogue riff that is tempered by deep, moody chords.

Out soon on wax and digi. Pre-order here.

Kez YM Late Night Blue Sound EP (City Fly)

East Midlands purveyors of fine house music seem to have a knack for attracting high quality underground talent and this latest from Kez YM is no exception. Hailing from Japan, Kazuki Yamaguchi has quite a history already, with a string of releases on the likes of 4Lux and Yore showing his pedigree.  This EP shows him true to form with three deep house cuts dripping with funk, and a killer remix from Detroit house don Andres.

Underground quality from Japan by way of Les-toh. Wax and digi coming soon, pre-order here.

Credit 00 Ice Cream EP (Uncanny Valley)

Ice Cream of all flavors, especially chocolate and vanilla. Im so glad to be a woman goes the sample that kicks off this EP sounding like its off some saccharine 1950s advertisement. Then out of nowhere you get smacked in the chops by a massive, lovely, round, 808 kick drum. Off to a good start! I dont think Ive heard anything as upfront as the title track Ice Cream from Dresden label Uncanny Valley but I like it very much indeed. The rest of the EP shapes up very nicely too and its not all in the same vein. After the opening onslaught we slip into Round n Round with its lovely liquid drops of deepness, warm pads and hypnotic vocal sample. Next up is the disjointed electronics of East of Nowhere and finally Red Wine, which, although a strong track, sounds nothing like Red Red Wine by UB40.

One of my favorite releases on the Valley in a while.

Out on 13th September on wax and digi

Joe Europe