singles club #10


Clover Ground Zabazza Cabasa (Take the Elevator) 

This is a lovely little find from new label out of Bristol Take the Elevator. This is three tracks of intense, grimy, stripped down, jacking house music which will constitute a full body purge to cleanse the dancers. Full body and soul detox. Clattering, distorted drums overlay squelchy acid wiggles, punctuated by half-discerned vocals. 

This isnt just a noise-a-thon though. These tracks a skillfully constructed, and ultimately pretty damn groovy. Hard to pick a favorite but the incessant, driving groove of Sinister Voices of Easton is an absolute killer. 

Looking forward to destroying some people with this.  I see its already the top seller at Clone with zero publicity which is proof that quality speaks for itself.

Out now on wax. 

Lrusse & Bleeker – Dot Product/Stairwell (Apple Pips)

Lrusse and Bleeker both have a plenty of experience behind them in different guises. Lrusse as the Behling part of Behling and Simpson who have been absolutely killing it with their slow motion, chunky as you like, deep house music on Futureboogie. Bleeker on the other hand, has a long history in the dubstep world under the name Wedge and also runs the If Symptoms Persist imprint.   

Appleblims Apple Pips has always been a label I check for even as someone whos not really a bass music head but their output has always gone way beyond just one genre anyway. Here both cuts have a bed of intricately textured sound design, overlaid with a chunky, heavily swung 4/4. And (of course) plenty sub bass. Stairwell is the more upfront of the two, with its slightly ravey stabs and fractured vocal snips, and Stairwell is the more brooding, with a sparse, drawn out intro that effortlessly eases into the action.

Out now on wax and digi

Blured Life and Bad Girls EP (Teng Records) 

Teng records was only set up last year but theyve been busy plugging away since then and have got a number of quality releases to their name already. Their latest drops on wax in early September and it comprises of two tracks from Cardiff based producer Blured ahead of his album that will follow in the not too distant future. 

We kick things off with the title track and its a stripped back, raw sounding house cut. The main vocal sample does sound a little like its saying Bear Grills as opposed to bad girls but I think thats more my wifes fault for putting the idea in my head. Quality track. 

On the flipside is Its How the World Goes which really is a breath of fresh air. Its fast for todays stylings (128 BPM remember when all house was this fast?) and it lifts you up. Nothing too euphoric mind; just a lovely groove, a really nice vocal all underpinned with an ever present sub. Energy. 

Out on wax 2nd September. Out digi some time after that.