Simon Baker


So I’ve just taken delivery of a new electric car. It’s similar to the old one, except its got a longer range. And its silver. It also seems to provide a modicum more sound insulation than the old one. It’s like have a very small and accidental headphone upgrade. You will also all know that I like to listen to releases in both the electric car on my trusty Sennheiser PX-100ii’s as well as my more professional highly tuned monitors at home. I found the original mix a little dull for my tastes, pleasant enough, but essentially one big repetitive loop that took my nowhere. Simon Baker’s own “upstate dub” was my favourite track of the release, containing a few more hooks and high hats. This is the one most likely to make it onto dance floors this summer, and admittedly, does have a few hands-in-the-air moments. I think I got my hands above the steering wheel in the electric car at one or two points. Whoop. Being not a massive fan of the so-called new genre of “slow house”, the Art Department remix didn’t move me much. Although I did notice some pleasant enough sampling from a few other hit records. There will be a prize of an electric car ride to anyone who can name the original record(s) they’ve sampled from. You will also receive a small box of moist toilet wipes. So in summary, thank god for digitally distributed music. Buy the Simon Baker re-rub/dub and skip the rest. Unless you love Soul Clap, in which case you may as well buy the whole release.

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