Simo Cell announces new mini album ‘YES.DJ’


French DJ and producer Simo Cell has announced details of a new mini album ‘YES.DJ’ released on 21st September on his own label TEMƎT.

Marking his first solo material since 2018, the release is ‘a celebration of dance music culture’ with each track ‘a tribute to different styles of beats, reinterpreted and suffused with his distinct personality.’

Simo explains that: “I’ve explored a wider range of tempos than before, with tracks ranging from 100 to 160 BPM. I covered a lot of different genres on this record, all styles that I love to play out. It’s exactly the same as the way I built my DJ sets: high energy plus versatility, with a very personal approach. Pent up frustration from lockdown is why there’s so much energy on the record”.

The release also comes with a fanzine which includes photos taken by Simo of drinks tokens from clubs around the world. “I didn’t want to get on Instagram, but reluctantly I did. Originally it was supposed to be a bit of fun trolling, but the images do actually look pretty artistic and it started to take off. Promoters began making me special drinks tickets”.

Simo Cell has released on Livity Sound / Dnuos Ytivil, Wisdom Teeth, Timedance, Fragil Musique and Lavibe. His most recent EP on Brothers From Different Mothers, ‘Kill Me Or Negotiate’, saw him collaborate with Egyptian artist Abdullah Miniawy.

Listen to ‘Short Leg’ below.

Pre-order HERE.