Shit Robot


Shit Robots got an album coming in September, and from the tracks Ive heard so far, its really good. On the downside hes called it From The Cradle to the Rave, which is a pun nearly as bad as Dodgy (remember them ? dont worry if you dont kids, I believe they got mercy culled from existence sometime back in the day) calling their pot addled 90s opus Free Peace Sweet.

Making up for suspect album titles, Mr Robot is giving away this TBD remix of I Found Love, and a good un it is too, brilliantly managing to sound like a, well, a shit robot, stuttering and pulling Peter Crouch shapes in the corner of a chirpy hi-NRG euro rave. Every now and then big slabs of midi slap bass portentously rise up and reverb around and around wrapped up in swooshes, shimmers and gargles. Theres a sense that I Found Love verges on the kind of progressive epics that Sasha and Digweed bought their houses on the back off, but fortunately with enough good natured fun on display the track steers well clear of disappearing up its own robotic arse. You can grab it here.

Ian Mcquaid