SHINGLES I Mean SingleS Club #5


This week Europe works over Nubian Mindz, Session Victim, Todd Terry & ITAL. God bless im.

Nubian Mindz Ghost Dreams EP (Counter)

West London producer Nubian Mindz pedigree runs from house through future jazz back to drum and bass with releases going back to the 90s on Dollis Hill stalwarts Reinforced (under the name Alpha Omega). Always one for moving his sound forward, on the Ghost Dreams EP Mr Nubian takes us into slightly melancholic, rough edged, four to the floor territory. New Me is a lush departure into Detroitish textures which sets the EP up nicely. The Aardvark mix takes it into the realms of dub, with slippery space echo percussion and steady chords.  The title track Ghost Dreams is a bit more dramatic but not too overblown.  Finally theres a digital bonus track Capricorn One (for those so inclined). This is a more driving affair and a massive shame that its not on the wax!

Out 1st July on digi and wax.

Session Victim Glow in the Dark (Delusions of Grandeur)

Ok so its Session Victim and its also Delusions of Grandeur. Two names individually that should make you pick up and buy a record by themselves but together how can you say no? Two lovely tracks of warm, funk infused, deep house music of the highest order, with a Max Graef mix that does the business to boot.

Out now on wax

Todd Terry Presents: Sound Design Part 1(Freeze Records)

4 reissues from the one and only Todd Terry showing up the current draft of early 90’s house pastiches we’ve been subjected to over the past year or so. These tracks show that the incredibly exciting time for house music during the start of the 90’s was a time for pushing the music in different ways and wasn’t all about the same generic sound.

Hard to choose a ‘pick of the bunch’ here but ‘Searchin’ is an absolute killer. A dark number, all moody organ’s and the vocal from Gwen Guthrie’s ‘It Should Have Been You’ cut up over the top. Another stand out is the ‘I Need Ya’ remix. Dark and driving.

Out now on wax.

Ital – Workshop 18 (Workshop Records)

Workshop 18 comes from US producer Ital and all of the expected quality is there from the outset. Three tracks of atmospheric beauty. Verging on sci-fi soundtrack but with a pulse. Suitably, ‘Pulsed’ is the stand out for me. It calmly hypnotises you.

Out now on wax