Shackleton readies new album under guise of Tunes Of Negation


The eclectic producer and musician will release a new album on Cosmo Rhythmatic under the moniker on the 17th of October later this year. The seven track album is made up of extended psychedelic soundscapes, ambient and abstract polyrhythms and wandering melodies. Tunes of Negation has become the alias for the project, The title, inspired by a poem by 13th Century mystic Jalalu’l-Din Rumi, is a description of what Shackleton himself hopes to achieve with the music, to “aid transmutation and enter into the light”.

The project also features the input of an assorted array of talented musicians including vocalist Heather Leigh, keyboardist Takumi Motokawa and vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart. They will all play a role in the debut live performance of the music at Berlin Atonal festival later this year. The new album is titled "Reach The Endless Sea" and will be available on both vinyl and digital towards the tail end of the year. This is the first long form project which Shackleton has released since 2017. 

A track is streaming online:

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