Seven Hills Records Launches With A Compilation Of Reissues From Cult 1990s Label Nation Of Noise


A new label named Seven Hills Records has announced its fledgeling release: a compilation of tracks featured across the three EPs issued in the early 1990s by the obscure and short-lived label Nation of Noise. Nation of Noise was conceived in the early 1990s by Ambient Soho mainstay Django and vocalist Jon Martin (of Pizzaman fame) after a chance encounter at the now legendary Soho institution The Brain. 

As for this reissue, Plate 1 consists of a fully remastered Xes Noiz EP; Nation of Noise's first release. Plate 2 comprises two tracks off both Lockgroove's and Superbubble's 1993 EPs for the label.

The press release from Seven Hills also included some 'fun facts' which were too interesting to omit:

Feel The Joy received airtime from Jon Peel on Radio 1 and Elvis Stole My Space Hopper was a favourite of Colin Faver and Colin Dale on Kiss FM

Kris Needs awarded Xes Noiz record of the week in the NME, putting it in the same group as Weatherall and Aphex!

Riley Reinholdt raved about Xes Noiz in legendary German publication Spex and travelled to the UK to interview Django and Jon.

Piano Tilt was a favourite of Derrick May.

Progressive house pioneers like Scott Hardkiss started lauding the Nation of Noise imports on the West-Coast soundsystems of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The A3 of Xez Noiz was a minor hit on the emerging jungle/breakbeat scene. DJs used to pitch it up before Metalheadz and Photek really defined that abstract sound.

Full tracklist:

Plate 1 – Xes Noiz

A1 – Untitled

A2 – Untitled

A3 – Untitled

B1 – Untitled

B2 – Untitled

B3 – Untitled

Plate 2 – 

A1 – Feel the Joy

A2 – Piano Tilt

B1 – Elvis Time

B2 – Elvis Stole My Space Hopper

Nation of Noise 91 – 93 is out August 9th.