Seth Troxler interview


The Eastern Electrics New Years Eve London is the first time that you, Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus will appear on the same bill in the UK. What can we expect from you for this special night? That all your resolutions will come true, and you will be touched by the hand of God through your ear door, to slowly caress your mind brain.

Whats been the secret to your (quite meteroic) success this year?
K.I.S.S = keep it simple stupid. I think honesty, quality and a generally good attitude about life is always what you need.

Do you think you and Jamie Jones fulfilled a zeitgeist for 2010? Well I got a tattoo with the illuminati symbol, and black is very much back.
Those who have attempted to define your particular moody sound have thrown the title Ket house around. Do you think this is a fair definition? If not how would you describe your style? I dont think that anyone has said that about my music personally. Ive heard it described romantic dream spaces, or post industrial freshstep, even dare I say it nu-prog, but never ket house.

You are now residing in Berlin, the central creative hub for electronic music production this past decade. With more and more artists, musicians and writers moving there do you think there could be an oversaturation or possible imploding of the scene?

Which artist/DJ/producer is influencing you most right now?
The three producers that Im really excited about at the moment are firstly Footprintz, a genre-defying new band that we discovered in Montreal, who are putting out the second release on our new Visionquest label. Then theres Benoit & Sergio, good friends of ours who live in Berlin and are making amazing house and techno with some really cool vocals. They are just about to put out the first release on Visionquest which should be in shops at the end of January. Finally there is Tale Of Us which is a new project from Italian producers Karm and Matteo (Milleri).

Describe your first techno experience?
In the back of my parents car.

Whats your most cherished piece of studio equipment?
My mind.

Whats your favourite place to eat in Berlin?
The Bird, an American steakhouse in Prenzlauer Berg.

And the 3 questions were asking everyone playing on NYE:

What got you into dance music?
My parents and their great taste for life.

What record never leaves your box?
At least one MK dub.

Who or what is your greatest musical inspiration?
My friends.

Finally, what do you listen to when relaxing at home?
Im really into this band Washed Out right now, I loved Wild Nothing all year, and lately a lot of Chris and Cosey.

Interview by Katie Gibbons for EE with a soupcon of Wil


61 St Thomas St,
London Bridge

Friday 31st December 2010 – NYE baby!

9pm till 7am London SE1

After party from 6am NYD @ Hidden w/ Damian Lazarus headlining.
Full details and tickets @ only a fiver on R$N Tickets, & RA here

Tickets for NYE

Last tickets anywhere in person from:

The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Road
E2 6LG

Phonica Records
51 Poland Street