Since writing the earlier Wideboys review, England have managed to jam through to the second round of the cup (to face the Germans no doubt) and the sun, against all English precedent, has just got hotter and hotter. The economy may be shrinking faster than you can say Bullingdon Club Bastards and my local Lidls probably gonna be the scene of a riot by the time the summers up, but for the mean time we might as well pump a bit of carnival magic out the stereo. Step up Serocee, ubiquitous UK dancehall vocalist whos been voicing tracks all over the place for the last couple of years, most notably with Toddla T and MJ Cole. In full World Cup tribute mode hes come out with a hymn to the joyous/annoying (your choice) parping of the South African Vuvuzela. Its a proper piece of sunshine soca jump up, hype-y uptempo without being too hectic, and packed with sultry shuffling snares, a deep deep bassline and pure feel good vibes. Easily a trillion times better World Cup anthem than the cack Cowell made Dizzee do with the TV fat bloke.

Ian Mcquaid