Sei A Releases Third Full Length Album


Andy Graham also known as Sei’A has announced the release of his third album, ‘Space in Your Mind’. Aus Music and !K7 have collaborated on the release and two selected tracks, ‘Ancestors’ and ‘Space In Your Mind’ will be available before the rest of the album is released on the 18th March.

Sei’A has had two previous LP’s and over 15 EP’s on various labels including Turbo and Life and Death. Graham explains why this differs from his previous albums, “Musically I was finding that the material had much more space within the sound, with the main structure of it being melodies, therefore giving it quite a rich feel throughout”.

‘Space In Your Mind’ will also feature some collaborations, Will Samson and Daudi Matsiko have stepped in on four of the tracks, one of them being ‘Space in Your Mind’. ‘Always’ opens the album and other tracks included are, In the Light, Kalstart, Everytime, Ancestors and Morning Soldier. 

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