Schacke, Croatian Amor and Varg2TM feature on 26-track Posh Isolation compilation


For their final release of the year Copenhagen-based imprint Posh Isolation have curated a 26-track compilation that celebrates producers from Copenhagen and beyond. 

Titled ‘Under Stars / Shells In Colour’, the compilation brings together old and new faces for 2 hours of music, released as a double cassette. Taking you through the changing seasons and days, it features music from label co-founders Croatian Amor and Vanity Productions, Fast Forward member Schacke, as well as regular affiliates like Varg2TM, KhalilH2OP, Frederik Valentin and more recent debutants Perko, Kamil Dossar, Vanessa Amara, oqbqb and Scandinavian Star.

All of the proceeds made from the release with go to Stand By Me Lesvos, a non-profit organisation that emphasises positivity and community in supporting refugees in Camp Moria in Lesvos.

A1. Lyra Valenza – Enfant Terrible
A2. Vanessa Amara – Leopards
A3. Scandinavian Star – The Pond
A4. Varg2™ – Kintsugi
A5. Violence of the Fauve & Claire Courchene – Chero
A6. Kamil Dossar – Obscura
B1. Mini Esco – Ingredients
B2. Vallmo – Plum Blossom
B3. H2OP – Nikki’s Afraid Of Flying
B4. Francesca Burattelli ft. Alexander Holm – La Stanza
B5. X & Yde – Young But Intelligent
B6. P. Quick – Steal The Aircraft 6151 BC
B7. CTM – Quartet OST (prod. MC Boli)
B8. Frederik Valentin – Window Shopping
C1. Astrid Sonne – Sculpture Garden
C2. Minais B – Den Lille Nænsomme
C3. oqbqbo – Utsuwa
C4. Croatian Amor & Varg2™ – Bonbons
C5. Assembler – Distant Water
C6. Assembler – Moss-covered Rock Garden
D1. Perko – Reprise
D2. Piag3t – Ceramic Miso Fond From Maria
D3. Exploited Body – Riley
D4. Vanity Productions – Valiakhmetova
D5. Schacke – You Will Always Be A Part of Me
D6. Schacke – Lowest Of The Low Part 2