Scalameriya & Vsk Collaborate For New Ep On Power Vacuum


Serbia's Scalameriya and Italy's VSK have come together to build some insane, slasher-film techno for Milo Smee's Power Vacuum label. Never one for understatement, the label has hosted a lot of loud, industrial work from techno stalwarts of both the old and new school, JoeFarr and Bintus sit flush alongside Mark Broom and Cyclob.

The Codex EP is busy, full of blinking, frantic rhythm juggling, booming kick drums and fizzing distortion fringes, each track invested with a different murky shade of the dystopian, industrial future that is so articulately described by PV's wordsmith Jim Clarke:

"Hulks of heavy industry lay strewn around, primitive yet shot through with a cracked futurist vision. Red rusting mother loads could have lain there for years – a henge to post industrialism. Time to open the sluice gate and slide the fetid bulk into the bloated brine of the next high tide. Surfing out across the broth its bow breaks the water, sending a long lazy wave like treacle slapping the side of the wharf. Slaughter-phonic noises pulsate from within the lead encased carburettor. On the blistered deck great knotted balls of chain lie rusting for ever, atrophied by age and despair."

The titular Codex comes replete with abbatoir, meat-hook creaking groans, whereas Melting sputters into life before whipping up a tense, spiralling sequence of dense, high-pitched bleep trickles, each kick on Arise crackles like it's been dunked in a rusty oil drum full of electric eels and then shoved into a sparking-plug socket. Realgar sounds like it actually has a malfunctioning chainsaw sampled in it.

Codex is out on 13th October via Power Vacuum.