One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is pint-sized-yet-perfectly-formed itchy lil’ acid-electro bangers, so this Michael Fakesch remix of Scaffolding is so far up my street that it’s disappeared round the corner. You might remember Fakesch from his tour of duty with the brilliant electronikglitchheadz Funkstrung – they did amazing things to Bjrk and Wu Tang Clan and were just a nail’s width away from being better than Autechre, but sadly divorced in 2006 due to “musical, personal and practical differences”.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked – Fakesch is still doing ace things to other people’s songs (he also did the music for the Aygo by Toyota ads that fans of T4 will be familiar with) but under his own name these days and Exchange, a collection of Fakesch reworkings of tracks by artists including Von Sudenfed, Mr Oizo, Bomb the Bass, Herbert and the Notwist to name but five, is due out on April 5, 2010 on Musik Aus Strom. Most of the remixes have never been released before. As mentioned above, the highlight is Fakesch’s remix of Scaffolding’s D-Tron, which sounds to these ears like a techno cocktail mixed by Hardfloor, consisting of two parts Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat to one part Windowlicker by Aphex Twin, and a swizzlestick made of laser beams. I’d never heard of Scaffolding before, but they’re from Denver and do a nice line in minimal techy electronica.

Joe C
Content kindly supplied from Joe C’s amazing The White Noise Revisited blog. To download the track in full, check out the website in all it’s splendour here