Samo and Martinou team up for new EP on ESP Institute


The collaborative release has apparently been the result of a lengthy process and has been a long time coming. Lemmi Ash is comprised of Samo DJ and Martinou, two Swedish producers and disc jockeys who have been prominent figures in a new wave of Scandinavian musicians to emerge within electronic music. The pair appear on ESP Institute, a longstanding record label run by Lovefingers. 

Titled "Osmin Uratoma", the EP is as odd and eclectic as it is danceable. With roots in club sounds it meanders between hard hitting drum workouts and chopped and screwed samples.

The label describe the creative process and the resulting work as follows:

"The artists explain that this music was 'made with birds in mind'—a somewhat poetic and abstract notion which (to us) symbolizes their stoned veil of indifference, carefree fluidity with influence and ease of traversing stylistic positions—alluding to the rewards of an effortless and non-compulsory collaboration, a genuine creative simpatico."

The release will be available from the 30th of August. Pre order HERE