Safe Trip’s Audio Guide to the Netherlands


Young Marco: cig-smoking, bandana-wielding DJ-extraordinaire. The enigmatic character is very much at the forefront of Holland's musical complexion, widely celebrated as a wizard behind the decks. With each drop of the needle, the Amsterdam-based selector's expertise as a crate digger becomes more apparent. His sets embody his global reputation, seamlessly gliding between tropical rhythms, euphoric house, limb-shaking disco and festive afro gems. Whilst his selection is unpredictable, positive energy and exhilirating vibes are guaranteed.

Marco's label Safe Trip embodys the same party-starting spirit as his own performances and production. Since its inception in 2015, the imprint has provided a platform for the likes of Bufiman, Max Abysmal, Darling and Ben Penn to gift the world their bright and effervescent music, tunes that possess the most jovial qualities. "Weirding up the place", every release is a guaranteed good time. 

This evening, the Dutchman and some of his label crew are teaming up with London's Trouble Vision for a knees up at Corsica Studios. Spearheaded by Marco, an all-star cast descend on South London to spin some records; Max Abysmal, Jan Schulte, Woody '92, Ben Penn, Artis (Live), Dazion and Darling buff out the line-up, guaranteeing a wild and wacky soundtrack. To gear up for the occassion, Safe Trip's roster have provided a sonic guide to The Netherlands, documenting their favourite tracks. As the music guides you, take a trip around the Northern European nation below.


Jan Schulte

This electro banger is one of my favourite leuk tracks since I-F's "Mixed Up In The Hague" recording, which was a huge soundtrack to my life as a teenager.

Woody ‘92

I think one of my all times favorites! It's PWOG a mysterious formation from the Netherlands (Tilburg), specialized in blends of deep techno, subtle trance and ambient soundscapes, mostly redefining the adjective 'tribal'. at the end of '92……..


Dutch electronic music pioneer Tom Dissevelt and producer/engineer Kid Baltan on a synth spree in 1960.

Ben Penn

In this album I like the freedom of giving a shit about perfect techniques. It comes to me like he is just puking almost unfiltered emotions. And I like the story about the fact this record wouldn't physically exist without his mother. He went on holiday or something and when he came back she secretly made these limited pressing for him of his recorded tracks. I also like the fact he comes from the same township as me.

Young Marco

'Welcome to Amsterdam'



A mix I get back to on a regular basis is the Themes For Great Cities radio show no. 7. It’s where I discovered one of my all time favourite tracks: Human Software – Goldenwind. The TFGC guys were kind enough to give me the track ID, and that turned out to be a Dutch band Human Software!



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