Ryuichi Sakamoto’s album “Hidari Ude No Yume” to be reissued outside of Japan


Originally released in 1981 via the Alfa label, the record has been hard to find beyond Japan despite numerous reissues. Now the release will be available globally as “Hidari Ude No Yume” is set to be reissued as part of a double LP which also includes previously unheard instrumental versions of the tracks which have since been remastered.

Much of the music on the LP was well ahead of it’s time and now sounds as impressive and unique as ever, it also demonstrates the prolific evolution of Ryuichi Sakamoto as a musician since, who has recently recorded soundtracks for the likes of The Revenant, Proxima, Black Mirror and more. 

The reissue will be available from the 13th of November later this year via Wewantsounds.