RVNG announce details of Gardland’s debut.

Syndrome Syndrome, Gardland’s debut full-length album will be released on the very excellent RVNG Intl.  Its timely release captures the fever pitch of off-kilter electronic music at the tail end of the group’s first year.
Assertive, though “elegantly wasted,” as they describe it, Gardland is the laboriously cracked energy exchange of Alex Murray and Mark Smith. The duo solidified the young partnership during a psychedelic desert excursion far from their urban dwellings in Sydney, Australia. Over a ten-day stretch, Murray and Smith recorded hardware based wigouts with neither boundary nor fear of judgment from the godheads that loomed ominously over the lysergic liturgy.
Syndrome Syndrome was written and recorded in a small room over a series of slavishly inspired sessions. 
If linearity in techno / house is the convention, Syndrome Syndrome avoids flat-lining in its spiral and fractal formations. The beats here don’t “drop”, they appear erratically in uncertain quantum logic. The harmonic architecture forms cavernous canopies in place of metronomic melodies, while the convulsive human hand lays tonal tile that may or may not crumble on contact.
Gardland’s Syndrome Syndrome will be released on October 28 (UK) October 29 (US / World), 2013 as a limited edition 2xLP, CD and digitally.

Gardland will make their European debut in front of a small run of tour dates at Unsound’s 2013 festival on October 18th in Krakow, Poland. 

Watch the album introduction video below.
Album track list:
01. Grrone 
02. Syndrome Syndrome 
03. Katarakt 
04. One In None 
05. Ode to Ode 
06. Trepan Heke 
07. Magicville 
08. Ride Wid Me 
09. Success In Circuit 
10. Nothing But Not Zero 
11. Hell Flur