Rush Hour To Release New South African Electronic Compilation


Antal and Dj Okapi have curated a new release made up of South African electronics recorded in the late eighties and early nineties. many of the tracks are highly sought after and helped pioneer the Pantsula dance movement. Titled "Patsula! The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in South Africa, 1988-90” the compilation is expected to be released towards the tail end of this year in line with the twentieth anniversary of Rush Hour Records. 

01. The Equals – New Lover 
02. Jazino – Ushelakanjani 
03. Jivaro – What Next 
04. S.Y.B – Jika Magogo 
05. Scotch Band – Watsotasama 
06. Kakappa – Sisonke 
07. Spirro – Ma Hero (Dub Mix) 
08. The Hard Workers – Ayoba-yo 
09. Ayobayo Band – Sorry Bra 
10. Rush feat. Linda Ziqubu – Sobohla Manyosi 
11. Chaka – Via Tembisa 
12. La Viva – Go Siami 

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