Running Back to release new album from Tiger & Woods


The Roman duo, formed by Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi, are set to release an LP on the label run by Gerd Janson in the coming months. The release will see them feature eight tracks made up of cosmic funk, italo disco, balearic house and playful melody. The album is set for release on the 12th of April later this year and will be available both digitally and on vinyl. Titled “A.O.D.”, everything on the album is based on a quiver of cleared samples from the Roman institution that is Claudio Donato and his Full Time and Goodymusic emporium with the exception of the track "1:00AM". The album comes in the year of the 10th anniversary of Tiger & Woods and is their third LP thus far.

A full tracklist can be seen below: 

I Forever Summer
II Warning Fails

III A Lovely Change
IV Night Quake
V The Bad Boys
VI Salsaro Ete
VII 1:00AM

VIII Kelly McGillis

Listen to a track on Bandcamp HERE