Ruinas collective rally Lisbon artists for a 25-track charity compilation


Lisbon-based collective Ruínas have rallied together 33 artists from the underground electronic music scene in the city to raise money for União Audiovisual, an association providing support and essential goods to artists and audiovisual professionals affected by the pandemic.

Titled ‘Reconstruir das Ruínas’ (rebuild from the ruins) the compilation touches on house, electro, UKG, disco and acid, and features original music from 33 producers and musicians including Xinobi, Vil, Dan Ghenacia, Kaspar and many more. 

In the words of the label; “Music has the power of bringing people together and here, it plays a major role in rebuilding our future from the rubble left behind by this pandemic. We were blessed to be free to party before and we shouldn’t let the sense of nostalgia translate into despair; we should use it as a positive driving force pushing us to look forward: nothing will be the same but, if we work together, it can only get better.

1. Guy from 1990 & Puke Ellington – Bread’n’ButterR
2. Jamaimoi – 1963 1991 2002
3. Black Pomade – Quinta da Arealva
4. Dj Algae – Let’s Live feat. Mared
5. Ka§par – Mandragora
6. Puke Ellington – AliceTheMalice
7. Atelier Francesco – Balance
8. Hiroma Keo – Serious Start
9. Bertrand P – Static
10. Oströl – Candlespotting
11. Desterronics – 200303_1
12. Foggy – Never Give Up
13. Khalil Suleman – Life Pressure
14. Sounds of Darwin – RTTM
15. Ansidis – Legitimate Spots
16. Mitch von Arx – Camaleão
17. Dupplo – Compassion & Love
18. Xinobi – Undertones
19. Rhythm Phazer – Bathtub Pub
20. Dan Ghenacia – Detrance
21. 2Jack4U – Bra1Nn (Rehab Cut)
22. Larry Quest – Encruzilhada
23. Pedro After Midnight – Dysfunktion
24. VIL – Not That Old
25. GPU Panic – Regathering

Listen to the compilation below.