rRoxymore reveals new album for DBA


"Face to Phase" will be released on the 27th of September next month via the imprint Don't Be Afraid on both vinyl and digital. This will be her debut album, one which has been long anticipated following a string of successful EP's and tracks for the likes of Human Level, Ostgut Ton, Timedance, Noise Manifesto and more. She has also previously featured prominently on the DBA label having released three respective EP's on the label up until now. 

The new album is an abstract blend of club focussed alternatives and driving percussion, oddball soundscapes and eclectic futurism. It is produced quite playfuly with a certain energy which has become associated with her productions. 

A tracklist can be seen below:

01 Home Is Where The Music Is
02 Passages
03 Forward Flamingo
04 Enegry Points
05 Someone Else's Memory
06 Hectadrums
07 PPS21
08 What's The Plan

Listen to a track from the forthcoming album below: