RONI’s Nehza Records release new compilation ‘Transaquae’


Rinse France resident RONI has released the second Various Artists compilation on her Nehza Records imprint.

Transaquae explores the theme of water and asks 10 artists to interpret this subject in their own way. Sonically it features sounds that are central to Nehza Records output already, including bass, breakbeat, techno and leftfield electronics.

Bringing together artists from across the world, the compilation features the second track from label boss RONI, as well as music from Jossy Mitsu, Flore, Angel D’lite, SAYANG and more.


The compilation is the sixth release on Paris-based Nehza Records. The label has previously released solo artist EPs from Neida, Hassan Abou Alam and Rnbws as well as a compilation featuring music from Amaliah, Amor Satyr, NSDOS and more.

Transaquæ is out now.