Roll The Dice Collaborate With Alessandro Cortini On New Track


The duo from Stockholm have worked with the Nine Inch Nails collaborator on a new single as part of a newly launched series which will see them work with a number of musicians across the remainder of the year. "Hydra" is a composition which blends rugged electronics with the ethereal soundscapes perhaps best associated with the musical work of Alessandro Cortini. Roll The Dice describe the new series as follows: 

"The whole idea came about following the successful collaboration between ourselves and Pär Grindvik on our track 'Buried' at the end of last year. What started out as curiosity about what could happen if outside input was brought into the process, turned into the feeling that this could be further explored by maybe turning it into a project and a series of releases. We have reached out to different artists that we like and that we feel we have a kindred spirit with in our approach to music, and we will put these tracks out individually throughout the year. To make sure that all these different tracks with different collaborations don't feel too apart from each other we have asked London based Brazilian artist Fabio Almeida (who was Malcolm's flatmate in London in the 90s) if we could use some of his work as artwork for the different covers. Fabio has picked out a set of images that have a common thread but also stand on their own, which is also the way Fabio sees his creative process. For us this kind of sums up the project in a nice way. Together but apart."

Listen HERE