Rolando Simmons releases new EP on Utter

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Written by Alasdair King

Utter announce new release from Mattias Östling.

Out tomorrow, the label have unveiled a new record from a cult favourite within underground electronic, acid and IDM circles. Mattias Östling returns as Rolando Simmons for a new EP titled ‘Human Remains’ which features eight tracks.

The release is made up of tracks which previously emerged sporadically online between his ‘Walk On Strawberries’ and ‘World Building’ records around 2016 and has been crafeully curated by label boss Alex Egan.

Much of the music surfaced then vanished during this time, described as ‘frustratingly unavailable’ by the record label who have now worked alongside Mattias to bring to light the music.


The full tracklist can be seen below:

1. Human Touch (CV Beszállás Edit)
2. Org Vibris (Corso Edit)
3. Duelling Parrots
4. Slipgate
5. Grown-Up Talk
6. Nueva Traditional
7. Elenaya Bay
8. Warming Up