Robert Hood To Release On Dekmantel


Detroit legend Robert Hood will release three EP's and an album for the Dekmantel label as part of a project titled 'Paradygm Shift'. Robert Hood has talked of finding a "new mindset" over the course of the project. The release date is on February the 22nd. He describes his relationship with Dekmantel as follows:

"I’m glad to partner up with them on this project. I have a very good relationship with Dekmantel. I remember the first time I met them, how laid back these guys were. I performed in this illegal bunker, a dj-set, and the atmosphere was just amazing, awesome and open-minded. It seems like a natural progression to collaborate on this project now. We share a mutual responsibility not to let fall things just in place, but to make things happen. Dekmantel is about making things happen, and so like minds think alike.’’     

Pre- Order the record HERE.