r$N stocking filler: GNORK x Luv * Jam EP -Free download


A stand-out around our neck of the woods in 2013 was the quiet, understated output of Luv*Jam‘s new Blind Jack’s Journey label, the offshoot from Crow Castle Cuts.

With several peaks to its year, it was the underground anthem Blorp 93 by Hungarian producer Gnork with a combo of dream-state chords and junglist drops that created waves. As an Xmas pre$$ie and a celebration of Gnork’s first appearance in the UK, both he and Luv*Jam teamed up to give away a raw and quirky FREE 5 track EP via R$N.

Gnork will be playing at an instore for Dalston’s Kristina Records this Friday and DJing with Luv*Jam for Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section night on Saturday.

For more info about both Blind Jack’s Journey and Crow Castle Cuts, hop onto the tumblrs.