Well it’s been a while but here we go again with another of the occasional Ripped In Glasgow update.

What’s been happening since the last time…?

Here are the top 3:

1) Man Power.

Nuff said. Outwith the R$N mix there are all the YouTube vids which are popping up frequently. I’ve ripped all of the above (so far) into a ZIP file of mp3s which you can get here. Easily the most exciting ‘new’ act of the year. Now, anyone want to tell me who the fucker actually IS?

2) Optimo & Daniel Avery on Rinse FM.

Wow – this is the gift that keeps on giving. Optimo can be found here, and Mr Avery here. All worth a go…

3) The Ripped In Glasgow massive.

A good few excellent quality mixes from the RiG Facebook brigade. A selection of them embedded for you below:

Apart from all that there’s been lots of chat about the merits or not of the new Daft Punk stuff (a collective thumbs down) and Boards Of Canada stuff (mixed reports, but better than Daft Punk!)

Elsewhere there’s been excitement about the reformation of Loop, the Giorgio Moroder DJ set and the ongoing nuggets being released on the Bird Scarer label.

If you sign up to the Ripped In Glasgow Facebook Group you’ll also be given the login details to 2x 10Gb worth of goodies stored on could drives. It’s all set to secret just now so you’ll need to send me an email and I’ll add you.

Over and out…