Ripped In Glasgow – back! Back! BACK!26.4.2013


It’s been a mental busy few weeks round here, but here’s a bumper update to fill you in on what’s been happening musically round these parts…

Top of the pile for new discoveries has to be the mysterious ‘Man Power‘ who one eagle-eyed group member spotted on YouTube. Three tracks have appeared this week and in the words of Errol Brown, every one’s a winner:

I hope that going by the track names there’s plenty more where that came from. Managed to track him down and get him onto the FB group so will hopefully get first dibs on any new stuff that he puts up.

Elsewhere, some kind soul on Soundcloud has put up a collection of ALFOS tracks which currently stands at over 17 hours! You don’t seem to be able to embed the set so follow this link for all the audio goodness…

Something which caused a lot of discussion was this Prince video which I came across on Vimeo. It claims to be a recording of the ACTUAL SHOW where the wee imp recorded the track Purple Rain for the album. There’s an ace text commentary alongside it and (get this) extra verse bits and extra guitar hooks!! A few RiG punters burst my bubble and reckon it’s not the real deal but I am still convinced. Check it out – what do you reckon?

First Avenue 1983 from Oscillation Records on Vimeo.

(I’ve ripped it in case he does his usual and pulls it)

Elsewhere, there’s a new mix from local legend David Barbarossa for Dummy Mag:

Latest Daniel Avery Rinse FM show:

One RiG punter, Barry Choonz, has ventured into production territory with the excellent ‘Avril’:

RiG inspiration JD Twitch turns in a 2hr mix on a VERY different tip from what casual observers might expect. Click here to grab the Insomnolence mix for Nocturne Tapes.

Elsewhere, if there are any copies of the vinyl left online, can’t recommend Haules Baules’ Creeper enough. It’s been floating round for a good while now but now gets a long-awaited vinyl release complete with ace Hardway Bros mix:

Entertainment-wise it’s a game of two halves this weekend – the mighty Crimes Of The Future tomorrow then Ligotage (early Adam & the Antz tribute) on Saturday. Off we go…

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