RIP The Beat Blog


If you read these pages regularly (and if not, why not?!) then you'll know we are big into The Beat Blog. We regularly re post their excellent selections of new wave, disco and outsider house and have discovered many a gem on their site. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end – the fine folk behind it have got too much on to pour the time and love into the site it requires, so have decided to shut up shop in January. So, we'd recommend you get over there as fast as you can and download all the tasty bits and pieces from throughout the ages before they dissapear, once and for all, into the internet ether. Farewell, The Beat, it's been emotional…..

Here's one last post from them…..

It will have been five years in January since we stared this blog and sadly we finally feel it's run it's course. We're going to leave everything up for the next month and then delete the lot on 1st Jan so you've got some time to grab anything you missed.

We've also uploaded some old mixes from our parties we thought you might like: Andy Blake at The Alibi, ZNTN vs Photonz at The Alibi and Nathan Wilkins at The Lock Tavern.
We've really enjoyed running the blog and are honoured that so many people have shown such an interest. In particular, we'd like to thank DJ Mystic Rock, Thomas at Discodrone, Goncalo ZNTN, Mo Morris, Will R$N, Kieran and Ciaran, Andy Blake, Joe Hart, Test Pressing, Legendary Children, JD Twitch, Nathan G. Wilkins, Kate Hutchinson, Holly, Duncan Clark, John Power, Erik Davies, David Stubbs, Gold Blood, Simon Carr and Thisisnotanexit, Cage & Aviary, Deano Jo, Caspar C, Travis Fromage Disco, Tom and all the staff at The Hideaway, Spider and The Flies (Rhys and Tom), Jules at Vegas Design, Cherrystones, Photonz, Nick Garrie, Pacific Horizons, Lucy Wren, The Soundcarriers, Sian Alice Group and everyone that's ever partied with us or spent time on our blog. Big love to you all.

Get on over to their site and grab the music while you can!