Richard Hamilton at the ica


Richard Hamilton at the ICA opens this Wednesday, a major retrospective featuring a series of works from the British artist including installations created specifically for the previous ICA premises almost 60 years ago. 

Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) is recognised as one of the most important British artists of the twentieth century. Alongside the two installations other works will be featured including Man, Machine and Motion (1955) which comprises thirty modular, open steel frames in which photographic images are clipped in four themes: Aquatic, Terrestrial, Aerial and Interplanetary. 

an Exhibit (1957), displayed in the Upper Gallery, is organised around a modular hanging system. The intention was to give visitors an opportunity to generate their own compositions as they walked through. Rare archive material for Hamiltons projects is also being presented, including other exhibitions such as Growth and Form (1951).

The exhibition runs until 6th April, for further info and tickets check out the ICA site.