Ricardo Cavolo’s drawings are brought to life for the first time by animator Cheng-Hsu Chung


Madrid-based illustrator Ricardo Cavolo’s drawings have been brought to life for the first time by animator director Cheng-Hsu Chung, for UK producer Chelou’s new single ‘Wayward’.

Chelou’s ‘Wayward’ was written to remind himself of the natural rhythm of life. The music itself was created at a writing camp in Beachwood Canyon where Amp Fiddler was also residing, who unexpectedly added a beautiful and emotive piano solo to end.

The video tells a colourful story of Ricardo and Cheng’s personification of the Chelou character’s subconscious on a soulful and self-affirmative journey. Disillusioned and struggling to come to terms with his true self, he runs away travelling through many surreal scenarios, with delicate, lost and honest emotions. The journey see’s Chelou come to terms with the fact that he can live his life simply free of fear and self doubt.

While Ricardo Cavolo’s eclectic international style – which is based on relationships with folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture, European religious imagery and the tribal arts – has seen him work with Alexander McQueen, Kaytranada and Bally, Award winning Taiwanese animation director Cheng-Hsu Chung has worked with the likes of Dazed, Warp Records, Adidas, BBC and John Grant.
Talking about working with Chelou, Ricardo and Cheng said, “It was such an honour to tell this story as we enjoy this track so much. It is touching and healing, and it made us want to bring the audience a genuine journey of life. We planted many emotions into this video connected through the various dreamy events that Chelou’s character travels through. The four eyes (a signature in Ricardo’s work) make the character special because the extra eyes allow him to see more and sense his life on a deeper level.
On Ricardo and Cheng’s visual interpretation, Chelou explained that “Ricardo and Cheng really capture the emotion of the song drawing on all the classic abstractness of our early videos, and it fits so perfectly with our continuous mission of using animation to direct the music into new worlds. To have Amp Fiddler surprisingly feature on this track by laying down such raw emotion at the end was a special moment to witness too. Such a strong foundation of creative minds have been involved in the story of this track.”
‘Wayward’ is the final single to drop from the forthcoming Chelou album ‘Real’ for on Antifragile Music on 20th November. Watch the video below…

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