review: juju & jordash – unleash the golem part 2


Juju & Jordash – Unleash The Golem Part 2 (Golf Channel) 

Kicking off with the eeriest of synth drones which slowly develops into a resonant screech with a slow, ominous acid line jagging away underneath, Coffin Train by Juju & Jordash is a nightmarish journey into hell. Full of brooding menace, J & J have gone about recreating the atmosphere of sheer dread, and theyve absolutely nailed it.

Coffin Train is a proper beast, clocking in at 16 minutes plus, throughout which the tracks kick and acid line undulate to allow the metallic clanks and evolving drones to morph and transform into ever more sinister shapes and colours. Its a cinematic tour de force, a smacked out John Carpenter score crossed with the most experimental shade of acid. It really does sound like a train of death, chugging ceaselessly to its inevitable destination.

On the flip, Coffin Train Getaway takes the same bass arp and lays it over a jacking beat full of kinetic energy and flips the sombre, death-march of the a-side into an adrenaline-spiked runaway monster. Its so full of movement that I get a mental image of Juju & Jordash running full-pelt, occasionally shooting terrified looks back over their shoulders. As with the A-side, they take the title and concept of the track and turn it into a literal thing, and they do it very, very well. Beautifully imagined, perfectly rendered stuff.