Review: Barker & Baumecker – Love Hertz/ Cipher


The collaboration between Sam Barker and Andreas Baumecker often turns out interesting results. Their 2010 hit 'Candyflip' introduced us to a sound which was hard to pin down. Wrongfooting the audience with syncopated, break-beat inspired techno, 'Candyflip' created the sort of atmosphere which only a few tracks can manage.

Six years on, Barker and Baumecker are back with a two-track EP titled 'Love Hertz/Cipher'. The EP acts as a sort of teaser-trailer for the pair's upcoming album 'Turns', which is also out on Ostgut Ton on 25th November. 

'Love Hertz' is distinctive, with swung rhythms and bluesy synths. With elements of break-beat and UK-bass playing a central role in the track, the UK influence is easy to hear. 

The record's alternate lead track 'Cipher' is the stand out of the two, however, with clanging synths and a big room sound. 'Cipher' is a rework of a two-part track from the upcoming album titled 'Encipher & Decipher', and whereas the album track is oriented towards a home listen, 'Cipher' is unmistakably made for the club. Atmospheric and constantly moving, the track never settles, adding in unexpected elements every phrase. The multi-layered, pots-and-pans style percussion, and dark kick drum turn 'Cipher' into a classic techno track worthy of any dancefloor.  

You can pre-order your copy HERE.

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