Redstone Press collaborates with Glasgow Gallery The Modern Institute on collaborative release


Luke Fowler & Vikki Morton have been commissioned by the label and gallery as they collaborate under the guise of Sotto Voce. The record is now being released and showcases “the relationship between the natural world and technology and references the pedagogical work of artist Paul Klee, who taught a holistic course on drawing at the Bauhaus in the 20’s. Klee drew greatly on shapes, forms and cyclical patterns, studied and observed from nature.”

Redstone Press is a Scottish record label which has steadily released material over the past few years, often drawing upon environment and the natural beauty of the landscape as influence for the music itself. The Modern Institute is a acclaimed gallery space and studio situated in Glasgow, founded in 1997. 

The music featured on the new record was recorded in Argyle, drawing upon abstract ambience, dub mutations and strange electronics to form an atmospheric journey through patterns and shapes.