Rebolledo’s Anticipated Memento Drive Mixtape Gets A Vinyl Ep Addition


Rebolledo's highly praised mixtape Memento Drive is finally getting a proper release on Kompakt this week.  In fact, the label were so enamored with the exquisite selection that they've decided to take three extra rare cuts from the mix and put them on vinyl for the MEMENTO DRIVE EP. 
The 3 track exclusive EP will be out May 19th and features an extended raw version of Rebolledo's 'Windsurf, Sunburn And Dollar', the amazing and hard to find on vinyl 'Flash' by Pachanga Boys and Rebolledo of Israeli rising stars Red Axes. 

"I always liked the word 'momento'", says the DJ and producer, "because of its double meaning in Spanish… as in 'moment' when talking about a space in time or 'momentum' when talking about inertia".  "I truly enjoy the feeling of constant motion – music can take you to places without you even leaving the room. The resulting effect on the body that has nothing to do with bpm amounts or high volume, but all with inertia and power. I like to call that effect 'drive'".

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Listen to the full album here…