Rare Gemini Records To Be Reissued


Anotherday are set to reissue several EP's from the Relief Records back catalogue in the new year which will come as welcome news to record collectors. The label will release a four LP box set which features several highly sought after tracks including the likes of "U Know How I Feel" , "Floating" and "Imagine A Nation". The records have previously fetched high prices on the online vinyl marketplace Discogs and many are priced extravagantly in shops. 

The full tracklist can be seen below: 

01. The Beginning 
02. Floating 
03. Klonopin 
04. Klonopinless 
05. U Know How I Feel 
06. Festival 
07. Your Place Or Mine 
08. For Love 
09. Imagine A Nation 
10. Imagine A Nation (Instrumental) 
11. Imagine A Beat 
12. For The Crazy I 
13. For The Crazy 
14. Welcome To The Future I 
15. Welcome To The Future II 
16. Blast Me 
17. Jovial 


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