Ransom Note join Rhythm Section’s ‘Anti Black Friday Club’ Charity Sale


Ransom Note Records have teamed up with Rhythm Section, YAM Records, FTD, First Word Records and Ruf Kutz for an 'Anti Black Friday Club' charity sale to raise money for Shelter and War Child.

All six labels will be donating 10% of today's Bandcamp profits directly to the two nominated UK charities. Selected records and merch items will be priced up by 10%, and this extra revenue will also be donated. The initiative is aimed at shifting the capitalist focus of last weekend's commercial sales drive to a more charitable energy.

“The fact that the western world is scrambling for a discount and big business profits are skyrocketing while bombs are being dropped, famine is raging and hundreds of thousands are homeless in the UK just doesn’t sit right", said Rhythm Section boss Bradley Zero. Rhythm Section has called on other labels to join the initiative.