Ransom Note <3 SOCIETY: 5 For Farr


As the sun breaks through this year’s ever present clouds, we’re starting to get pretty bloody excited about heading back into the woodland once again for our love-in with SOCIETY at FARR Festival this year. Featuring a line-up we’re extremely proud of we’ve asked the fine participants to pick us 5 tracks they’ll most certainly be busting out in our tent come the end of next month…  

First up is the London institution that is Dan Beaumont who steps forth to furnish us with some aural excitement on a Monday afternoon. A longtime friend of R$N & SOCIETY, Dan has made the strip (sounds like we’re in Miami) called Kingsland High St his own over the past 5 years. Not content with running the ever excellent Dalston Superstore he headed a few doors down the road and opened up the quickly becoming legendary quality nocturnal manoeuvres spot, Dance Tunnel. Oh and upstairs is pretty much the finest pizza joint in town, Voodoo Ray’s.To top it all off he’s got ridiculous taste in music and is an amazing DJ. God bless him.  Feast your ears on some of these beauties… 

Carl Taylor – Debbie’s Groove (Robert Hood Remix) (EPM)

Ridiculous party jam with a heavy, heavy disco backbone 

Head High – Burning (Keep it… Mix) (Power House)

More high velocity piano from the unstoppable Shed

Spencer Parker – Change Yo Beat (Work Them)
Releases on Spencer Parker’s label Work Them are always essential. This pumps in the best possible way 
48v Spargel Brothers – Bitten (Spargel Trax)
Dusty old house with nine million diva points off the super-limited Don’t Be Afraid offshoot. Link here.
Gnork – Blorp93 (Blind Jack’s Journey) 
Wonky rave piano handstamped deepness  

Next up to the stage is Miles Simpson of Thunder, a well known party that takes place every couple of months, to supply us with his top 5 auditory delights ahead of his spot under the Ransom Note Loves SOCIETY tent at Farr Festival next July

Thunder is about house, the music played is underground house, techno and other stuff we like. Think Chicago and Clink Street, Detroit and Dalston, SoHo NYC and Soho LDN. Think bass, think basements, think sweat, think smoke and strobes. But this aint no retro thing, 1985 is relevant but so is tomorrow. 

Trevino – Buried 

Played this at the last Thunder party with DJ Nature and I havent been able to stop listening to it since. So emotive. Would work lying on a hay bale in the sun or heads down in the fug of a sweaty dance floor – perfect for that transition from night day.

First Choice – Love Thang (Genius of Time Edit) 

A re-edit in the loosest possible sense, its a complete rework really and is one of my biggest records of the year so far, the definitely sound of summer – just joyful music that cant fail to make you dance.

House of Whacks – Watersports

Rob Mellos old phone box prostitute advert card themed boompty house re-work of Arthur Russell and Walter Gibbons’ Lets Go Swimming, its sleazy as fuck and is gonna sound perfect as things get hazy in that glade as the sun sets.

Soulphiction – Drama Queen

Another massive record for me, if Joey Longo was still making ace house music, I reckon it would sound like this. Its kind of jazzy, kind of loopy, and kind of brilliant. One of those records that builds and builds and then releases in a way you were never expecting. Always struggle not to just put the needle back to the beginning and play it again. And its on pink vinyl. Im a sucker for pink vinyl.

Larry Heard – Missing You 

Simply one of the greatest summer records ever made, not matter what the weather is like outside, it baths you in sunshine. In fact, I can only really listen to this whilst wearing just a pair of speedos and a splash of Amber Solaire, and sipping a Fanta Limon.

Also of Thunder, Joseph Apted gives us his top 5 records for Farr:

Iron Curtis – Horses (Move D remix)

Great 4 tracker this, but the Move D mix is the one for me. Just a great summer tune, has that slightly wonky bass-heavy sound but then just builds and builds into a really melodic, uplifting track.

Gnork – Blorp 93 
I’m a big fan of Gnork and the Blind Jacks Journey label, and if any tune was made for Farr it’s this……It has that retro-ravey sound, with uplifting pianos and a breakbeat bit, which could sound a bit shit but is actually amazing. Life-affirming  music for dancing to on a hay-bale.


XDB – Frocks

Killer of a track that I played at the last Thunder – whilst it’s fairly deep like most of the Sistrum stuff, this has that element of funk to it that makes it stand out, and its perfect for the occasion. A deep, hypnotic and funky track for those fuzzy moments. 

Xosar – The Calling/Rays of Babylon
Either side of this could feature, it’s a really solid release. I read that she produced this record in the Californian sunshine and wanted to try and get the feelings of happiness and sunshine onto the record. I think that definitely comes across, it’s properly lush, psychedelic house music which just wants me to dance outside in the sunshine. 

Mood II Swing – Ooh
The above are all new records, but in terms of older music this might an appearance! Was playing it at the weekend and it’s just one of those pieces of mid 90’s house music perfection, that was tucked away as the 2nd track on a b-side. Mood II Swing did so many great tracks like this i.e doesn’t do a great deal, but the production is so slick and tight that it never fails to get a great reaction. Proper party record.

Continuing the series, this time round are the  Society Residents Ciaran O’Shea, Josh Caffe and Kieran Delaney giving us some aural wonders from Connie Case, Derrick Carter and Levon Vincent

Kieran Delaney:

Chaka Khan – Clouds (Blackjoy Edit)

As I’ll be playing early I think I’ll start off easing people in with some disco sounds, and this one is always in my box. There was no rain last year, and there won’t be any rain this year, so this is the closest you’ll get to hearing any thunder. Until, erm, the Thunder DJs play. Ahem.

John Rocca – Move

A lovely slice of vocal house from Freeez’s John Rocca – guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. OK it’s not exactly underground, but who cares, it’s summer and we’re dancing in a forest

Palms Trax – Equation

A forthcoming release from a stupidly talented 21 year old who is also a great DJ. We had him play at our night at Dalston Superstore and he brought the house down – when I heard him play this track and he said it was by him I was blown away – he’s too young to be this talented. This track is quite reminiscent of classic Burrell Brothers but in a brilliant way, and it’ll sound great in the sunshine.

Jus Ed – I’m Comin’ (Levon Vincent remix)

I heard this one played by Dan Beaumont and fell in love with it instantly. Builds slowly with some strange vocal effects until finally dropping into an amazing uplifting piano. Phwoar.

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

As cheesy as it sounds, last year’s Farr Festival was ALL about the sun coming back up after a night of partying. We had a Balearic set for the sun setting and when the sun rose again at 5am it was a pretty special moment. If I was playing the sunrise set this would definitely get dropped – a blissed out tune from Roy Ayers.

Ciaran O’Shea:

Roy Ayers – Chicago

What better way to open a set? This has been a firm favourite when we start our monthly proceedings at the Superstore and while not on a house tip I couldn’t think of a more fitting intro to a day (and night!) of fun in the woods.

Connie Case – Get Down

Another early sound here from 1982, originally released on  Konduko Records. This is  a track I first heard years ago on a Disco Not Disco compilation. A post-disco / proto-house sleaze of a rhythm with an awesome bassline and great vocal that leads me nicely into the next track…

The Coach House Rhythm Section – Time Warp

Earlier still! Released on Ice records in 1977 and produced by Eddie Grant, a track that was way ahead of its time. Simple, minimal, yet entirely distinct with it’s falsetto melody ‘Time Warp’ was  huge at Mancusos Loft, Paradise Garage and I’m sure soundtracked a whole host of late night happenings across the globe. House before house.

Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid

Originally recorded in 1990 by  New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame)  and a stand out for me on the Dream 2 Science re-release on Rush Hour. Beautiful house sounds, deep, smooth, delicate, a lost gem that has been a fixture on my turntable since I was first lucky enough to heard it. 

Ace & The Sandman – Body Talk

And finally a classic, Society staple and a beautiful piece of 303 from 1992. A Society party would not be complete without hearing this. Let the music play, let your body talk.


Josh Caffe is a man of few words and would rather let his records do the talking!

Matthew Styles – Hot

Sante & Frank Lorber – The Warning

The Cucarachas – Sheez, Bang Bang

Derrick L.Carter – A Hope (Over You) (Meeting House Dub Edit)

The Moonwalkers & Ultra Nate – 10,000 Screaming Faggots (Armand’s Banji mix)

The organisers of well known but informal, infrequent basement parties The Idiots Are Winning were also able to show us their top 5 tracks for Farr:

Mike Dunn – Phreaky MF
The vocal is a bit out of order but the bass dropping on this never, ever ceases to do the business. 

Tony Allen – KILODE – ( Carl Craig Straight Remix )
Tony Allen & Carl Craig, what’s not to like?  

Rising Sun & Kristofferson – Where Is The Love
12 minutes of Patrice Rushen sampled deep house. Perfect for boats on the Adriatic…  

Syclops – Jump Bugs 
One of Maurice Fulton’s less prolific but no less brilliant pseudonyms. Proper warehouse party tackle.

Daphni – Ye Ye
William Onyeabor sampling genius from Daniel Snaith AKA Caribou. 

Damon Martin of Disco Bloodbath, a name that began life as an irregular speakeasy party in East London,also presents us with selection ahead of their spot at the Ransom Note <3 SOCIETY tent at Farr Festival.

Willie Burns – Pong In A Tracksuit

I love everything Will Burnett is doing lately. This is so simple but works incredibly well on the dancefloor.

Freddie Norwood ‘How Low Can U Go’ 

Only the second release from this Adelaide based label and both have been killers.

Andras Fox feat. Oscar S. Thorn – Running Late

Well emotional!

Huerco S. – Apheleia’s Theme  

Super rough production and a killer groove.

Alejandro Paz – El House

Raw jack track with a fun spanish vocal. Comeme have got to be one of the most consistent labels out there.

This next batch of tracks comes from a true legend of the London house scene. A Mr Terry Farley.

“Slough’s Ace Face and one of the quartet of cultural hooligans that brought you Boys Own. Terry Farley has been through more musical movements than Beethoven and more clothing fads than Hardy Amies. Born into a West London that sounds rather more like Kes than Hugh Grant’s Notting Hill, Farley has been clubbing and DJing at the coalface for over thirty years.” DJ History

Terry’s set at FARR last year was immense, so much so we’ve asked him back to do it all again this year. This time b2b2b with Dan Beaumont & Hannah Holland. 
Here’s his 5 For Farr pick… let your ears enjoy.

Delroy Edwards – Heart and Soul
Sounding so fresh and HOUSE up against a million tech house records wearing deep house t shirts this week , bouncy and sexy .

Mr White – Sun Can’t Compare 
classic from 2005 ( ish ) thats perfect for sun ups and sun downs in fields .. larry heards 303 never sounded better 

Gino Socio – So Lonely
New edit / mastering of a amazing record that fits todays HOUSE bill a treat , beautiful melancholy piano and vocal hook .

Russ Yalop – The Journey (Huxley’s Dub)
Huxley’s dub steals the show for me with clattering SP1200 style beats that evoke those iconic 2 min MAW bonus beats tracks that we would buy a expensive import for ..

Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal
The world’s best HOUSE Dj in 2013 Dixon shows exactly why hes the link between the past and the future on a amazing mix of a old school classic

When you hear of Daniel Avery the first thing that is likely to come to your head is Fabric resident. However, his rising craft as a producer is beginning to set him apart from the crowd. Stepping out of the comfort of the bunkers that are Weatherall’s studio and his home of Fabric, Avery is going to be gracing the stage under the Ransom Note <3 SOCIETY Tent at Farr Festival on the 20th July. 

Jimpster – Rollergirl

I’ve been playing this out in every single set recently. It can entrance a dancefloor.

Silent Servant – Invocation Of Lust

I love what this guy is about. I think I picked this track for another list last year but it continues to stay in my head so I’m picking it again. Trippy techno done so well. 

Japancakes – Soon (Ricardo Tobar Remix)

One of my favourite electronic tracks ever, I’ve been playing this one out a lot again recently. A lesson in how to tastefully take an MBV sample and turn it into something totally different for the nightclub. I’m sure Shields would be proud of it. 

Headless Ghost – Basik Fire

I play this much, much slower but it still works every time. Amazing production from Ripperton, that guy’s on fire at the moment. 

Obsolete Music Technology – Latency

Another proper trip of a record that I can’t ever see leaving my ‘box’. 16th hi hats > everything else.