Radioactive Man To Release Dubs From The Archive


Keith Tenniswood (aka Radioactive Man) has announced the forthcoming release of 4 tracks of his own particularly gnarly brand of digi-dub, coming on 12" via the brand new UNA Sound label on October 23rd. All 4 tracks are taken from the depths of the Radioactive Man archive, and have been mastered and cut to vinyl by Tenniswood himself. Tenniswood has explained the long gestation of the project;

"2005, I’d just got a new bit of kit, a Korg Electribe SX, much fun to be had with the new toy… I’d been meaning to make some real dub style vibes, but with electronic sounds… Something we’d touched on doing the Two Lone Swordsmen stuff, Andrew Weatherall also a huge dubhead.

"So some of these tunes have been sitting on my hard drive for about 8 years. I played them to my friend Lukey Roots QC, him being a massive dub fiend, we talked about releasing them… So, after many moons of discussion and plans, here's a new record label, UNA sound, dedicated to the Dub side.

"There’s more than a bit of On U sound vibes going on, Adrian Sherwood being a producer I’ve always loved. It's a kind of 4/4 steppers vibe on some of them, I like to think they’ve stood the  test of time… They are quite rough and raw, and that's how I like it.

"'From the Dub Vault‘ will be a series of 12"s… so far in three volumes. As always, it's a work in progress, it's just that progress has taken years… Well, you can’t rush these things can you? So very happy to have them on vinyl, too. I cut them myself, something I’ve been learning over the last year, and that's a great pleasure: cutting and mastering my own tunes."

Listen to a sampler stream below: